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Wesley form All American Technology Services L.L.C.-Mars 120

Release Time:2017/01/16 Testimonials Browsing Times:959

My name is Wesley “Chip” Hall and I am the Chief Technical Officer for All American Technology Services located in Asheville North Carolina USA

Two years ago we started doing research on buying a laser cutting and engraving system for UID and laser cutting materials for our business. Mostly plastics acrylics and wood…

We stumbled upon ThunderLaser on eBay and after comparing all of the other manufacturer’s laser systems, it quickly became apparent that ThunderLaser gave the most options, sizes, quality, features, and service for the money. We purchased the laser on eBay sight unseen, and I quickly got a call from Ken at ThunderLaser. He verified the order with me over the phone, and expressed that it was highly unusual for anyone to purchase a laser system without first contacting him first. We told him it was not even a question as to what we wanted. (we had all of the other manufacturer’s product specifications and ThunderLaser systems met or exceeded them in almost every way)

We ended up getting the MARS 120 with Pass-through Door, Auto Focus, 100 Watt Laser, Motorized Table, and Red Dot pointer and an extra laser tube to ensure no downtime. (it is still sitting in the box collecting dust on a shelf as we have not had to use it yet because the one they installed in the machine is still growing strong after 7000 hours on the tube and we use it a lot at 70 percent power or higher) They started building it custom for us, and it shipped to us three weeks later to our local shipping port of Wilmington, NC. Customs was no big deal, and the HUGE Plywood crate arrived in good order several weeks later… After un-boxing the laser… we quickly got to work getting it up and working… Set-Up was easy and self explanatory and made even easier with the videos provided online on .

Since we purchased this laser a year and a half ago, we have grown tremendously… and the laser system we bought from Ken at ThunderLaser has only had a few problems that Ken and his support staff have quickly resolved EVERY TIME with little or no downtime in our production of our products. We have already been making plans to buy even more lasers from ThunderLaser Systems because of their excellent service, great warranty, and good communication.

If anyone has any questions about ThunderLaser Systems contact me directly at and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thank You to Ken & ThunderLaser Systems for all of the support, and great product! .

————Wesley “Chip” Hall – CTO – All American Technology Services L.L.C.

————Cherise Hall – CEO – All American Technology Services L.L.C.

————Blaine Johnson – Sales Manager – All American Technology Services L.L.C.