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Sven Sabri from Germany-Mars 120

Release Time:2017/01/16 Testimonials Browsing Times:925

First-hand report Mars 120 I bought a Mars 120 from Thunder Laser. After some research in a German Co2 laser forum I decided to purchase a Thunderlaser machine. The reason was a lot of good statements and positive reports from other peoples which have also bought Thunder Laser. So I contacted Ken Chen from the Thunder Laser Tech. He was very helpful. All questions I had were answered very quickly and patiently. It took about 8 weeks from the payment until the delivery of the machine. The machine was in good condition. Everything as described in the pictures. As a development & quality engineer in the automotive industry I say, excellent work with great attention to detail. I like that. First test with mdf board, acrylic material cutting and engraving of vector files worked very well. The Software and Laser machine works fine together. I use the machine mainly to cut acrylic material accurate. I had no problems so far. I’m still in contact with Ken and we have good relationship. Thanks to the Team !