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Small Pine Tree


1. Project objective

Knowledge and skills

Master the method of using “grid tool” and “Union set” and “difference set” tools to form other graphs.

Thinking training

  • Design thinking

(1) Know the relationship between points, lines, surface shapes and shapes of small pine trees.

(2) To predict the modeling effect after the combination of the longitudinal section pattern of the small pine cone.

  • Computational thinking

(1) Master the analysis and drawing of regular geometry section graphics.

(2) Master the size calculation method of the cross mortise and tenon groove.

  • Engineering thinking

(1) Master the shape of the cross tenon, the shape and size of the groove control and embedding method.

(2) Master the control method of the center of gravity of the two intersecting triangular planes.

Social responsibility and moral literacy

In practice, you can imitate others’ works in style, and you must do improved innovation when creating.

2. Application scenario

Pine is a pinaceae, pinaceae plant, as shown in the following figure, there are more than 80 varieties in the world, these pines have high ornamental value and practical value, not only can decorate the environment, purify the air, but also can be used in medicine, oil, furniture, utensils, etc. Among them, the greeting pine, as a national treasure, is not only the favorite creation of many literati, but also a symbol of peace and friendship between the Chinese people and the people of the world.

Pine trees are ring-shaped branches, long internodes, slender, straight or slightly downward curved twigs, needles in bundles. According to the morphological characteristics of small pines, how to use LaserMaker to draw and make small pines?

software-Small pine tree-1

3. Project analysis

(1) Shape of the parts: It belongs to three-dimensional modeling works. The whole pine tree is pyramidal, the longitudinal section is triangular, and there are overlapping crowns from top to bottom. Therefore, it can be superimposed by multiple triangles from top to bottom. The two pieces of tree slice are intersected by means of cross tenon.

(2) Modeling method: Use the union tool to combine triangles from top to bottom to form a graph of longitudinal section.

(3) Part size: Set the size of the section graph according to the demand of the decoration.

(4) Splicing method: two pieces of tree-shaped cross sections are interlocking and fixed.

(5) Material selection: basswood plywood board, acrylic board.

(6) Process effect: The use of cutting process, later color.

4. Modeling process

software-Small pine tree-2

1.Research and hand-drawn design


According to the project design, fill in the table below the width and height of your small pine tree design.

                         Data recording                    unit: mm





Mortise and tenon construction

Tenon size:

Mortise size:

Number of mortise and tenon:


Based on your measurements and design elements, draw a sketch of the pine tree in the frame.

2.Software drawing

After the structural analysis of the small pine tree, we can draw the graph of the small pine tree through 3 steps.

(1) Draw the outline of the small pine tree

  • Use the Grid Tool and Line Segment Tool to draw triangles

Single click “grid tool”, the drawing area is cut into grid mode, you can enlarge the grid. Each small grid is a 10mm×10mm square, which is easy to draw graphs. Determine the size of the triangle to be drawn, such as drawing an isosceles triangle with a base length of 60mm and a height of 30mm. Click the Line Segment Tool to draw from the vertex and draw lines of the corresponding length along the grid to form a triangle, as shown in the following figure.

software-Small pine tree-3

Click Grid Tools to turn off grid mode. Select the triangle and use the Rectangle Array or copy and paste to copy the other two triangles. Modify the size of the triangle, change the width of the second triangle to 70mm and the height to 35mm; Change the width of the third triangle to 80mm and the height to 40mm, as shown in the following figure.

software-Small pine tree-4
  • Merge graphics using the Merge Tool

Using Align Guides, align the second and third triangles up and down with the first triangle, as shown in the following figure.

software-Small pine tree-5

 Select the three triangles aligned and click Merge Tool to merge the three triangles into a small pine tree. Select the small pine tree figure, click the right mouse button, and copy another small pine tree figure, as shown in the following figure.

software-Small pine tree-6

(2) Draw the small pine cross tenon structure

  • Use the Rectangle Tool to draw the cross tenon structure

Click Rectangle Tool, click the left mouse button in the blank area of the drawing area, hold down and drag the mouse to draw a rectangle. Change the width of the rectangle to 3mm and the height to 40mm. The width of 3mm is the thickness of the processed sheet, and 40mm is half the height of the small pine tree figure (in this example, the small pine tree figure height is 80mm). Right-click and copy the rectangle, as shown in the following figure.

software-Small pine tree-7

Use the Difference Set Tool to optimize graphics

Move the two rectangles to the bottom and top of the two small pine shapes respectively. Select the first rectangle and click the “Difference set Tool” to remove the overlap between the rectangle and the small pine shapes. Do the same for the second rectangle to complete the drawing of the small pine prime slot, as shown in the following figure. When the two pieces of the cross inserted, will form a cross tenon connection effect.

software-Small pine tree-8
  • Process pattern design

Select the small pine tree object, double-click the corresponding “Black cut” process layer, enter the “Processing Parameters” dialog box, set the processing material to Osone wood, the process to cut, and the processing thickness to 3mm, as shown in the following figure. After clicking “OK” to exit, the processing speed is 25 and the processing power is 70. If you need to modify the parameter value, you can re-enter the “Machining Parameters”, double-click the corresponding thickness value, the “Engraving Parameters” dialog box will appear, and fine-tune the parameter value.

software-Small pine tree-9

Thinking and debugging

(1) Can a small pine tree be inserted from 4 pieces? What kind of design can make the work more vivid?

(2) Slightly modify the size of the groove to experience the tightness of the connection.

(3) Think about whether there are other ways to insert mortise and tenon structures.

(4) Think about the modeling method of tree crown and trunk, and study whether the modeling of tree trunk and base can be made.

5.Display of finished products

The finished product is shown in the following figure.

software-Small pine tree-10

Knowledge card

Cross tenon is one of the simplest woodworking process mortise and tenon structure, through the production of the same shape on the two work pieces, the size of the slight difference (also known as mortise, mortise or groove), so that the grooves of the two work pieces are embedded in the cross intersection, and the joint is formed.

6.Extension exercise

Palm-like evergreen trees with cylindrical trunks, often carrying the crest of the old petiole and its underside. It is native to China, in addition to Tibet, south of the Qinling Mountains in China are distributed, often used in gardens, roadside and flower beds, suitable for four seasons. Draw the palm tree in LaserMaker using the example shown in the following figure. You can also get creative and make the design more personal.

software-Small pine tree-11

7.Work appreciation

The following figure is a three-dimensional work of various trees in the LaserBlock open source community for your reference and appreciation.

software-Small pine tree-12
software-Small pine tree-17
software-Small pine tree-16
software-Small pine tree-14
software-Small pine tree-15
software-Small pine tree-13

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