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Laser Engraving – Double-Headed Bottle Opener

July 8, 2024


Let’s DIY an awesome double-headed bottle opener! It’s got openings on one end to pop those bottles open, and there’s a round hole on the other side too, so you can hang it up when you’re not using it. The middle part got a comfy leather grip, and you can engrave any words or pictures you want. Mix it up with some text and cool designs to make it totally your own!

Machine Used

Thunder Bolt 30w

Material Needed

A leather bottle opener


  • Engraving Speed:1000mm/s
  • Engraving Power:15%
  • Hatch Type: bidirectional
  • DPI: 300

Step 1

Import the file into LightBurn, adjust the size, position, and settings. Check out to ensure everything is in order.
double headed bottle opener 1

Step 2

double headed bottle opener 2
Once everything is set, click ‘Print’ to initiate your laser machine’s operation.

Come and Try!

When not in use, this DIY bottle opener doubles as an eye-catching wall decoration. You can simply hang it on a hook to showcase your handiwork. It’s both a functional tool and a conversation piece for your home bar or kitchen.

Transform an everyday item into a custom work of art. This bottle opener is perfect for beer enthusiasts, home bartenders, or anyone looking to add a personal flair to their beverage accessories. Start designing yours today and elevate your bottle-opening experience!

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