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Odin – laser engraver


A Thunderlaser new product in 2020, the Odin series laser machine combines small size, compact, high quality engraving and cutting at a low cost. With 5G acceleration and 80 IPS (2000mm/sec) engraving speed, it provides a super fast laser engraving solution for industry. The RF tube allows fantastic beam signature and is air cooled, you don’t have to worry about a water chiller. The gantry payload is minimal and is super smooth.

Standard Features

Image 01

High Speed Motor

Japanese ORIENTAL motor systems on X and Y axes, with 80 IPS (2000mm/s) and 5G acceleration engraving speed.

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New: 100% smoother guide Rail

Patent guide rail developed by Thunder Laser, less resistance and low noise.

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New: 1,000 DPI RF metal laser source

With excellent quality Beam output and stable laser power, lifespan up to 10,000 hours.

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New: Upper & Lower Vent

To timely remove the heat from material surface.

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Dual Air-Assist system

Adjusting air volume for cutting and engraving separately for different requirements

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New:Eightfold Open-flap protection

Laser will stop if someone open any machine cover during working.

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Newly-designed focus lens and mirror holder

Easier to clean and replace lens and mirrors, Lenses of different FL are swappable in the same mount.

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New Auto focus

No limitation for materials or working area, more accurate.

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New:Drawer for collecting small working pieces

To make it easier to collecting small working pieces and cleaning up.

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Smart board

Control the exhaust fan,air assist, and alarm lamp automaticly, energy saving

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Visible Red Dot Pointer

Make the laser beam “visible”.

Image 01

Honeycomb table

Reduces underside reflections.

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High quality power cable

The high-quality electrical connector has low and stable contact resistance.

Image 01

Heat alarm detector

Heat alarm detector.

Image 01

Emergency stop

Turn off the machine immediately when there is an accident.

Image 01

Alarm Lamp

Show the work state and tell when the job is done, more safe for you.

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This is a protective conductor, included to prevent shock and/or fire.

Image 01

Earth wiring

Earthing is used to protect you from an electric shock.

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3D Engrave

Engrave high quality 3D photos directly.

Image 01

3D cutting

Achieve “3D cutting” on some materials

Image 01

Rotary plug

Work on round items such as tumbler,mug and bamboo pipe by laser cutting machine.

Image 01

Exhaust system

Ensure the work pieces and laser cutter machine inside be clean.

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Air assist

Blowing air to prevent the material being burned

Technical Specifications

Laser System Odin 22 Odin 32
Laser Tube Wattage 30 Watt 60 Watt
Working Area 559 x 381 mm (22″ x 15″) 813 x 508 mm (32″ x 20″)
Table Size 625 x 440 mm (24.6″ x 17.3″) 899 x 567 mm (35.4″ x 22.3″)
Max Part Size(W x L x H) 625 x 440 mm x 185mm(24.6″ x 17.3″ x 7.3″)
Dimensions(W x D x H) 1030x860x1090mm (40″ x 34″ x 43″) 1284x987x1090mm (51″ x 39″ x 43″)
Laser Type Radio Frequency Laser Tube
Cooling Air Cooled
Maximum Speed 2000MM/S
Maximum machining size at 1000 speed – lightweight laser head 529 x 381 mm(20.8″ x 15″) 783 x 508 mm(30.8″ x 20″)
Maximum machining size at 2000 speed – lightweight laser head 461 x 381 mm(18″ x 15″) 715 x 508 mm(28″ x 20″)
Speed and Power Control Computer or manually controlled speed and power from 0-100%.Vector color mapping sets speed and power settings using RGB color mapping.
Operating Modes Optimized raster,vector,and combined mode
Resolution(DPI) User controlled from 100 to 1000DPI(standard laser head)
Computer Interface Ethernet and USB Connection
Compatible Operating Systems Windows, Mac, and Linux (Mac and Linux with LightBurn Software)
Buffer Memory 128MB Standard
Display Panel 3.5″ LCD panel showing current file, total working time, laser power, speed, etc…
Electrical Requirements Requirements110 to 240 volts,50 or 60 Hz,single phase
Z-Axis Height 185mm (7.3″) 185mm (7.3″)
Net Weight 125kgs (275lbs) 300kgs (661lbs)
Motion Control System High-Speed Stepper Motors
Speed and Power Control(engraving depth)

Computer or manually controlled speed and power from 0-100%. Vector color mapping sets speed and power settings using RGB color mapping.

Operating Modes Optimized raster, vector, and combined mode
Ventilation System Integral exhaust fan. There is 1 output port, 5.7″ (145 mm) in diameter in the rear of the case.
Max. Speed 2000mm/s
Workpiece table Solid metal blades & Honeycomb table
Max. table load 20kg / 44lbs

Machine Size

odin22 size

Optional Items

Rotary Axis
Rotary engraving equipment was used to extending THUNDERLASER system application, as a optional component, It can be used for cutting and engraving round items…
Air compressor
The high pressure and low noise air compressor offered by Thunder Laser co2 laser engraving machine includes two parts: the high pressure and low noise air compressor and the water separator…
Focus lenses
As a rule of thumb, the following applies to the focus lenses: the more detailed the graphics, the shorter the focal length in laser engraving. The thicker the material to be laser-cut, the greater the focal length should be. For this reason, Thunder offers you three different lenses for perfect results.


If your material is not in the below list, our Applications Team would be happy to assist you to test it.

Materials Engrave Cut


Mat Board

Wood Veneer
Anodized Aluminum X
Painted Metals X
Tile X
Glass X
Coated Metals X
Ceramics X
Marble X
Stainless Steel * X
Brass * X
Titanium * X
Bare Metal * X

* means the laser cannot engrave directly, you will need the help of the “thermark spray”, you can visit for more information.



No need. We’ve added a parameter library in the software, once you find out what settings is best for a certain material;you can record it in the parameter library. Next time you cut the same material, you just need to read it from the list.
Both ok, as long as your operating system is Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8/10.
Our laser runs on Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8/10 both 32bits and 64bits system. But it does not run on Mac OS.
CorelDraw and AutoCAD are suggested. You can design all your artworks in these two software and then send to the RDWorks software to set the parameters easily.
Yes, you can take a photo by using a camera and then load the photo to the software directly and engrave it.
the laser machine is ready to work, the exhaust fan and the air pump and the water pump are included. (But when you using a big power laser tube, it is suggested to buy a water chiller for cooling the laser tube)

As long as you know how to design jobs in graphic software, it just takes a few hours for you to become a master of laser machine. You just need to do some tests to know what speed and power is good for different materials. Since we’ve provided some of the parameter library, it will save you more time.You can watch the guiding videos from our website to learn how to use the machine in advance too.

No, our laser machine can do both cutting and engraving very well.You just need one machine for both kinds of jobs.