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Fabric and Leather

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As a new processing method, laser cutting and engraving has many advantages such as high precision, fast application, stable quality, material saving, good reliability etc. Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more popular to apply the laser cutting engraving machine to the fabric fields.

Laser cutting will not twist or fold the fabric and leather, which can reduce the damage of the fabric and leather, decrease the loss during processing, and increase the processing efficiency. And the cutting precision is much better than the old traditional way.

The laser cutting machine will cut the material according to the design of the CAD file. If the designer wants to make any revision of the design, he only needs to revise the CAD files directly. And he can see the result of the reversion on the object soon.


The easy operation of Laser cutting machine makes the designer feel more comfortable about his job, which will increase his working efficiency. And laser cutting machine use a non-contact “Laser knife” instead of the old traditional metal knife to cut the fabric and leather. The “heat” of the “Laser knife” will seal the edge of the material the time it cuts, so the users no need to polish it again. The users appreciate it more for its simple and handy operation. The laser cutting machine is good for cutting many kinds of Materials like linen, Denim, satin, silk, suede, twill, nylon, fleece, cotton, leather and so on.

Fabric Laser Engraving and Leather Laser Engraving. Laser engraving is one of the most frequent applications. You only need to load the image design to the laser software. No matter how complicated the image is, our thunder laser cutter will finish the job fast and with an excellent result. This is good for engraving materials like leather and jeans and some other thick material.

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