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Thunderlaser News | Thunderlaser attended Ukraine Exhibition

Release Time:2017/11/14 Thunder Laser News Browsing Times:2248

Foreword: On Sept.19 to 21, 2017, T-REX Trade Exhibition held in 3 days was ended perfectly in Ukrainian Capital Exhibition Center. T-REX Trade Exhibition is the important communication plat in printing area in Ukraine and it showed a variety of fantastic and the latest invention. Advertising industry was the most customer source in printing industry. In an increasingly competitive situation, who wants to become famous, they should become special in their area. As in printing industry, we should change our traditional production into new technology equipment so we will make it different.

Thunderlaser agent in Ukraine invited Thunderlaser King and Nolan as tech support to attend this Exhibition and our laser machine was very popular by exhibitors. Many exhibitors came to consult and know it and want to buy it.

Thunderlaser was very popular at home and abroad. Many people was surprised in this laser machine to cut and engrave a lot of fantastic things, so they listened to our working staff’s explanation in seriously and recorded the process of machine working.

This is the second time, Thunderlaser attended Ukraine Exhibition. Our laser machine was still popular in this exhibition. And in this exhibition, except our main machine equipment, we supply laser software and education courses.

This exhibition was held only three days, but we attracted so many people and supplied more advertising company to create more new product into people’s life. According to this exhibition, Thunderlaser machine was known by many people and we will keep fighting for advertising printing.

In this path of laser machine, Thunderlaser will take you into more international stage. Let’s look forward to Thunderlaser next station.