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Machine details

Quality control process


How we test the details

1.Laser power test

The power must be 10% higher
than the rated power

Laser power test
Mechanical parts inspection

2.Mechanical parts inspection

Eliminate all defective items.

3.Flatness test for machine case

Deviation of 4corners must be
less than 0.5mm.

Flatness test for machine case
Guide rail vertical degree testing

4.Guide rail vertical degree testing

Deviation must be less than 0.4mm.

5.Platform flatness detection

Deviation for 4 corners must be
less than 0.5mm.

Platform flatness detection
Laser wirking power testing

6.Laser wirking power testing

Deviation for 4corners must be
less than 3%.

7.Cutting accuracy testing

Deviation for a 100*100mm square cutting must less than 0.1 mm.deviation of the diagonal line must less than 0.4mm.

Cutting accuracy testing
Laser beam vertical degree testing

8.Laser beam vertical degree testing

Cutting edge of 10mm acrylic must be vertical.