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Acrylic Laser Cutter&Engraver

Acrylic is the most common term we use for this material, and it is also called Polymethyl methacrylate, or PMMA.

Laser cutting can be used from the acrylic plate complex graphics processing and marking, in the use of laser cutting, is through the energy burning to make the acrylic gasification, no material contact, so cutting is very clean, cutting is very easy. When sculpting acrylic with a laser, the laser burns the surface of the acrylic using energy, creating a marked effect on the surface of the acrylic.


What are the advantages of using acrylic laser cutting machine?

1. Simple processing: in many industries, laser cutting can be completed after completion. Latent light processing is required, which is itself cut with the heat of the laser beam, so the cutting edge is smooth.
2, can cut a variety of complex graphics: laser machine is a kind of CNC cutting equipment, used for X, Y axis transmission, whether cutting curve or cutting circle, straight line needless to say, even easier to cut, so cutting more convenient, can cut a variety of complex graphics.

Laser acrylic sheet specifications type :

Laser engraving cutting machine can meet the majority of acrylic products engraving and cutting needs. If you have any questions, please contact our laser experts to help you find the right acrylic laser cutter.

Clean acrylic3
acrylic laser cutter
color acrylic
acrylic mirror
beautiful acrylic

Clear acrylic>

Dyed clear acrylic>

Colored acrylic >

Acrylic mirror>

Pearlescent acrylic>

Laser cutting acrylic application field

1. Advertising application: advertising signs, LOGO cards, luminous words
2, architectural application: decorative doors and Windows, daylighting cover, swimming pool, bathroom facilities
3, traffic applications: trains, cars and other vehicle doors and Windows
4, civilian supplies: crafts, cosmetics, bracket, aquarium
5, lighting application: fluorescent lamp, chandelier, street lampshade
Application: stores, exhibition halls, shopping malls, office buildings, villas, hotels, medical care, education, catering, etc

Recommended Laser

laser cutter nova35

Laser Engraver

We pick the Nova series since it’s perfect for your high precision and efficiency needs while procssing acrylic items.

Recommended Laser

odin 3 1

Laser Engraver

We pick the Odin Series since it’s perfect for your high precision and efficiency needs while procssing wood items.

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Easy and Intuitive Operation

All of our laser equipment have our self-developed interface called LaserMaker that is user-friendly and easy to understand.

Stablility & Durability

Our well-trained staff follow our established production process and QC system, leading to optimized stability and durability among our laser machines.


High Efficiency

Advanced servo motor within our lasers can achieve high-speed cutting, marking, engraving without lowering your wood items’ quality.


Low Material Waste

Each of our laser machines has a minimum wastage and better processing time thanks to our use of red dot pointer technology that calibrates the laser’s position.

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