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Laser Tube-T50

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Every laser tube must pass the strict quality control test before installed on the Thunder laser cutting machine. After finished assembling the laser cutting machine, we will make many tests of cutting and engraving to further make sure the working quality and stability of laser cutting and engraving machine. After these tests, the low quality laser tube with bad laser beam, unstable laser output power, and slow response to switch would be ruled out. That’s why Thunder Laser cutting machine can send out the more refined laser dot and offer the more delicate cutting engraving effect.

T50 general specifications
Output specifications
wavelength 10.57-10.63um
power output 50watts
powerstability ±5%
beamwaist size 3mm+-0.5mm
beam divergence <7mrad
risetime <70us
polarization linear,horizontal
Input specification
power supply
votage 48VDC
current 15A
command signal
votage +3.5to +6.7VDC)5V nominal)
current 10mA@+6.7VDC
frenquency DC-25Khz
cooling specification
chiller temperature 25-27℃
minimum flow rate 0.75-2.0GPM
environmental specification
temperature 15-40℃
humidity 0-95%,non-condensing
physical specification
length 814mm
width 135mm
height 159mm
weight 18kg
Air-pressure control sensor

Air-pressure control sensor