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Thunder Laser Video

How to choose a reliable laser cutter

▷ How to choose a reliable laser cutter
laser parametes

Thunder Laser Video

Laser Samples Parameters

▷ Laser Samples Parameters

  • High quality power cable

    High quality power cable

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:178

  • Heat alarm detector

    Heat alarm detector

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:137

    CO2 laser cutting engraving machine processes material by heating the material with fast speed. It may cause the material burning when cutting some inflammable material like wood, leather and plast...

  • Rotary axis attachment has a wrong cylindrical engraving/cutting size

    Rotary axis attachment has a wrong cylindrical engraving/cutting size

    Release Time:2019/07/04Browsing Times:4468

      Here are the reason:   l  Different type of Rotary connector on the machine; Check the Rotary connector on your machine,the connector is located inside the right front of the machi...

  • About our privacy policy

    About our privacy policy

    Release Time:2019/04/02Browsing Times:757

    About our privacy policy This privacy policy applies when you submit forms, that refer or link to this privacy policy. This policy may be supplemented by additional privacy statements, terms or not...

  • Contact


    Release Time:2016/05/05Browsing Times:1406

    Contact Contact us If you have any questions about our laser cutter or want to know more about Thunderlaser, please feel free to contact us! Visit the Column Testimonials Only user knows if his mac...

  • High Resolution laser head(price:US$120)

    High Resolution laser head(price:US$120)

    Release Time:2015/10/16Browsing Times:93

    High resolution laser head is called HR head for short. Its special structure makes the laser beam be focused into a smaller focal spot than the standard laser head, which makes the engraving resul...