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How to choose a reliable laser cutter

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  • Hanspeter from Switzerland-Mini 60

    Hanspeter from Switzerland-Mini 60

    Release Time:2017/01/16Browsing Times:1190

    Hi everybody. I am the creator of the first Mini-Fablab in Zurich, Switzerland. The fablab has a lasercutter, a 3D-Printer and a cutting Plotter. Unfortunately not yet a cnc mill. The lasercutter i...

  • Wesley form All American Technology Services L.L.C.-Mars 120

    Wesley form All American Technology Services L.L.C.-Mars 120

    Release Time:2017/01/16Browsing Times:945

    My name is Wesley “Chip” Hall and I am the Chief Technical Officer for All American Technology Services located in Asheville North Carolina USA Two years ago we started doing research o...

  • Len Laviolette from San Diego

    Len Laviolette from San Diego

    Release Time:2017/01/16Browsing Times:813

    It is unfortunate that the machine I need is not a type that you manufacture. I have enjoyed the experience of working with you. It has been many hours that you invested in communications with me a...

  • Mauri form  Australia-Mini-60

    Mauri form Australia-Mini-60

    Release Time:2017/01/16Browsing Times:826

    We recently purchased a Mini-60 from Thunderlaser, we wanted a well-built machine that was cost affect for our needs. We are novices with Laser and Engraving equipment, but are quickly learning. We...

  • Klaus  from  Christoph

    Klaus from Christoph

    Release Time:2017/01/16Browsing Times:941

    (German) Wir haben vor etwa einem Jahr einen Laser bei ThunderLaser gekauft. Um ehrlich zu sein waren wir anfangs ein wenig besorgt, so viel Geld per Vorkasse zu überweisen und erst einige Monate s...

  • Ernst from Austria-Mini 60

    Ernst from Austria-Mini 60

    Release Time:2017/01/16Browsing Times:844

    Hi Folks I am Ernst from Austria and i got my Mini 60 from Ken a few weeks ago – i am verry happy with it – i live verry close to trotec (25 km) and i buyed a thunderlaser – Ken is verry fair and h...

  • Sven Sabri from Germany-Mars 120

    Sven Sabri from Germany-Mars 120

    Release Time:2017/01/16Browsing Times:924

    First-hand report Mars 120 I bought a Mars 120 from Thunder Laser. After some research in a German Co2 laser forum I decided to purchase a Thunderlaser machine. The reason was a lot of good stateme...

  • Sergey Barabash form Kazakhstan-Mars 90

    Sergey Barabash form Kazakhstan-Mars 90

    Release Time:2017/01/16Browsing Times:831

    I have bought 5 months back , lazer mars-90 and worried that he at delivery in kazakhstan 5000 km , he can will spoil. When I have got him(it) , for 3 weeks , he was in very strong packing. Under t...