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Thunder Laser Video

How to choose a reliable laser cutter

▷ How to choose a reliable laser cutter
laser parametes

Thunder Laser Video

Laser Samples Parameters

▷ Laser Samples Parameters

  • Emergency stop for Nova system

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:243

    When your CO2 laser cutting engraving machine is working abnormally, please immediately press the emergency stop, then the machine power will be cut off very soon, and the machine will stop working...

  • Alarm lamp for working state for Nova system

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:244

    When the machine is not at work, or working with the top cover close, the alarm lamp is in green color. If the top cover opened during laser working or start the machine without closing the door, t...

  • Breaker

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:285

    A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit. Its basic function...

  • Earth wiring

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:312

    Thunder Laser connected Earth wiring to every machine cabinet panel with electrical parts. here's what happens with no ground wire, If you touch the machine case when it's electrified the...

  • 3D engraving

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:264

    Thunder Laser engraving machine can create the delicate 3D images. We can set the 3D engraving setting activated on the software, then the wood laser engraving machine will adjust the laser power a...

  • 3D cutting

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:311

    With the functions of motorized table, Thunder Laser cutting machine can set different focus distance in a same program, and achieve “3D cutting” on some materials, such as PET and thin...

  • Rotary Axis(Optional)

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:445

    If you want to work on round items such as tumbler, mug and bamboo pipe by fabric laser cutting machine, the common laser working cannot meet your needs. As the common laser machine can only proces...

  • Exhaust system

    Release Time:2020/06/03Browsing Times:295

    Laser cutting and engraving job would produce many fog and dust on wood laser cutting machine table, thus we need to use a exhausting system to expel the fog and dust out in time to ensure the work...