August 27, 2022

New Upper Lower Vent

New: Upper & Lower Vent

New feature for Odin series with Upper and Lower exhaust ventilations design, to remove the heated and burned smoke from the material surface timely

August 27, 2022

New 100 smoother guide Rail1

New: 100% smoother guide Rail

This new guide Rail was new developed by Thunder Laser engineers with patent right. It matches the new Oriental motor system very well. Less

August 27, 2022

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2023 New Dual Air-Assist System

For those of you who may want to quantify the air pressure for the air assist, we have add a few different things and

August 27, 2022

shutterstock 548233408

New Auto focus

In order to achieve the best cutting result by wood laser cutting machine, we will make the laser beam focus when it contact the

August 27, 2022


RF Laser Tube

The RF metal lasers are designed to operate without high voltage or water cooling. This makes RF metal lasers inherently safer to operate in

August 27, 2022

New 100 faster motor system 244x200 1

New: 100% faster motor system

The Odin series laser engraver is with high speed and high resolution motor system imported from Japanese ORIENTAL. The 5-phase open-loop stepper motor for