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We have carefully compiled some laser samples for you to cut, engrave or mark with THUNDER LASER machines. Descriptions, pictures or videos of the sample making process are provided for your reference. Explore our sample library for sample making inspiration now!

Laser wood model cutting–universal manipulator

【Thunderlaser Ideas】Take you into the world of tank

STEAM course|In those years, where’s the rocking chair we used to sit in?

STEAM Course | Explore the mysterious kingdom of mathematics—- Make the Mobius strip

Laser wood cutting-Four sample design for our customers

Laser cutting plywood – a wonderful music box

Laser wood model cutting – cutting a dinosaur

Laser wood model cutting – cutting a deer

Laser wood engraving – The Eight horse painting

Laser wood cutting – sword cutting 2

Laser wood cutting – Lampshade cutting (honeycomb)

Laser wood cutting – Lampshade cutting (good fortune)

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